Butter croissant (home-made puff pastry)

My friend has been doing a really cool thing – she’s baking 22 different things for the 22 days leading up to her birthday (#22bakesto22). On day 15, she invited me over to help out with croissants. I’ve shaped croissants before, from store-bought puff pastry, so it was a huge adventure actually making puff pastry from… Continue reading Butter croissant (home-made puff pastry)

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Haute-Savoie 2014-2017

One more goodbye post…Tonight’s my last night in this lovely farmhouse in La Rivière-Enverse in Haute-Savoie, France. I’m going back to London and my parents are moving to New York. I’m not really one to get sentimental…I’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to live in so many beautiful countries because of my parents’ lifestyle choices, it… Continue reading Haute-Savoie 2014-2017


Chickpea & Tomato Stew; Aquafaba Meringue Cookies; White Chocolate Tea Bread

I made Madhur Jaffrey’s Chickpea & Tomato Stew, and used the leftover “Aquafaba” to try making vegan meringue cookies at the same time. The next day I made Jack Monroe’s White Chocolate Tea Bread. Loved all three. In the past month, I’ve used my own blog as a recipe resource more than once. I made daal,… Continue reading Chickpea & Tomato Stew; Aquafaba Meringue Cookies; White Chocolate Tea Bread


Chilli (part of a three course meal)

The Spread The gap in the bottom right hand corner was soon filled by baked camembert with fig jam and the hot baguette (The appetiser – Course #1) (The main – Course #2) Chilli recipe from A Girl Called Jack – Mumma Jack’s Best Ever Chilli – I followed the recipe completely but didn’t have dark chocolate… Continue reading Chilli (part of a three course meal)