Thrillophilia’s Places to visit in India – In March 2014 I had shared this on FB – 2 out of 50 down. It’s taken 4 years to get 1 more done! Now I’m at 3 out of 51 since they’ve updated the list and added the more – no, the one they added isn’t the 3rd one I’ve done… Rafting and… Continue reading Thrillophilia’s Places to visit in India


Carrot, pistachio & coconut cake (VE – EF/DF, GF)

I made the egg free, dairy free version of the carrot, pistachio & coconut cake for the office bakeoff and I won tastiest cake (and runner up for most technical cake)! I replaced the three eggs with 3 tbsp flax seeds ground and mixed with 7 and a half tbsp water, and the butter with vegan margarine.… Continue reading Carrot, pistachio & coconut cake (VE – EF/DF, GF)