Hong Kong Class Trips 2007

Copied from my email to the family on 12th march 2007; pictures added later

my hong kong visit, starting from when wifa left me in the bus!

we took pictures and everything, obviously excited about the upcoming trip, and as soon as we reached the airport, we zoomed for the doorway to get our bags! after gathering all our things, we head for the check in area, but before that we had to wait a long time outside when they were looking at our tickets (so pointless). then all of us gathered in the check in area, where we lined up all our bags and helped put them into the belt, there we also found out where we were going to sit. then we went to passport control, stood in line, after that, we sat down, or talked around, whichever way u put it, waiting for the gate to open. when the gate opened, we obviously had to stand in another long cue, but after that, we were eagerly waiting, and to pass time, we snapped pics of each other…

i woke up during turbulence, and saw clouds outside the window, and soon enough, was looking down on sun-reflecting water…after landing, we assembled near immigration, to fill out more and more forms! then we stood in line, and when they were working on my passport, i saw what wifa meant by the computer thingie, in the passport! they took like 1 second before it was done…really fast! then we took all our luggage from the belt…there we met some of our camp people, they advised us to change our money in the airport if we wanted to buy anything from the asia pacific people, and to go to the bathroom, while waiting, we were greedily looking at the starbucks and macdonalds in the airport…
soon after that we went out, and there was a bus, specially for us, waiting, so we put our big bags in the bottom, and took seats and made sure we had our raincoats because it was drizzling when we went in. apparently the bus ride was 2 hours (i was sleeping, once again), and by the time i woke up we were near the s___ k___ national park (a huge one, where the youth hostel was located), we also got breakfast snack bars in the bus, which i munched on before falling asleep again, only to be woken by the shocking jolt of the bus going up hill…
they gave us a sort of overview of what the park would look like, and then we spent i think 15 mins, to half an hour walking, i was half asleep, so i don’t remember much, and we stopped a lot, saw a few monkeys, and dogs, took pictures (actually posed for pictures)…the walk there was pleasant, and easy since it was mostly downhills and flat, and i was already worried about making it back up the hilly surface ;)..lazy me!
after that, we reached a pier, from where we got our big bags, which we had to carry up stairs to the hostel, where there was another school at the moment, so we couldn’t settle in immediately…but we put our bags aside and sat next to the office, and finally got to know the names of the main leaders, sandra, adam, christa, and steve. we then also got to know the groups we were in, we were the hong kong king kongs (me, eilidh, pailin, rachel, sneha, ciaran, nico, meshan, anders, tristan, anuron, sreerag), and the teacher with us was mr. arrastia, and most of the time, mr. haque.
~~ok this is taking too long, i’m sorry to have kept u waiting, so i’m just gonna copy from my journal~~
Even though we were all starving, we had a little chat and split into our teams, and then our team made lunch, and since it was our first meal, most of our job was already done for us.
After eating, settling into our dorm rooms, running about a little, getting used to our setting, we had our first team meeting, where we decided our name, started using our “musters” and learned about our first task, building a raft!
My team got their day packs packed suitably to go down to the peer with bamboo sticks, floatable tires, PFD’s (life jackers), and ropes. There we split into two groups and designed and built our raft!
After building this magnificent mode of transport, which had to carry 6 people (4 tires, 6 sticks of bamboo, rope), we rode it, checked it to make sure it worked. After making it to the beach, which was a very long and slow process for the group I was in, our raft was still intact, unlike the other one which got compressed and deformed.
Then we head back to the peer, where we jumped off many times, and swallowed salty water, afterwards, I felt like salt had gotten through all the open parts of my body. 😉
After taking showers, hanging about, waiting for dinner to be served…we had dinner! 20 minutes of free time, which some people used to pack, shower, or whatever, then a team meeting!
In the team meeting, we discussed our day (which was fabulous) and then we headed down to the peer for a 45 minute relaxing activity (playing mafia), which was really fun, and we’ll be continuing some time.
After coming back to our dorms, we found out a little more about our camps: there will not be showers, but some other way of getting clean.

After rise-and-shine exercises (which most of us were late for), the Hong Kong King Kongs went off to create the morning briefing, which is like our morning bulletin, stating what is going to happen during the day, what the weather is like and what to bring to the activities. We announced all this right after breakfast of cereal, oatmeal, or fruits.
When all this finished, we went to our dorm to clean up EVERYTHING, for the 9:00 inspection which was a competition of neatness between the girls’ dorm and the boys’ dorm. The girls won after lots of hardwork of cleaning up, and sweeping the floors.
Then we rotated onto our second activity, our group did the abseiling practicing next to the field.
After lunch, which my group had to clean up, and since it was our last meal at the youth hostel, we had to set all the tables and chairs aside, as well as pack up all our food.
Even though we started our activity late, we got through the compass and navigation course pretty fast, and then head out to our long, hilly hike up back to the bus.
After two hours of shaky bus travel, we we had a five minute boatried to : TUNG LUNG ISLAND! We took all our gear upto our campsite and for the first time, we saw our tents, and who we were rooming with, but all in the dark, so no great enjoyment.
Then the HKKK prepared the first dinner on the island, and froze to death trying to eat-out in the cold weather, so instead of planned s’mores, we went straight to bed!

After a wet night, we got ready for a full day with abseiling, rockclimbing and tyrolean traversing. While we had morning exercises, we played a game like rock, paper, scissors, but instead it was giants, wizards, and elves. After that, we had breakfast, then we all head out to our first activities, which, for the Hong Kong King Kongs, was abseiling. We were all excited, and since it was our first activity, and most of our first time, we were scared too.
After getting down the cliff, which was pretty scary, because more than half of it, there was no wall, just u and the rope, the hardest part was getting used to having no support, the first few seconds of the overhang.
The, we walked sideways, jumping over rocks, next to the ocean, to the place where the rockclimbers were. After a little snack there, we started rock-climbing too. After a succesful climb and some rest, I got up to try the easiest one, but during that one, I slipped and scratched myself even more than before, but I made it to the top, and was glad when it was over!
In the middle of this, some of us got sudden urges to go to the bathroom, so we quickly fled the place (after a long wait), up more rocks to the campsite, where we were jumping up and down in cue for the toilet (which were really holes in the ground).
At last we head up the other way (opposite from where we just came from) to the tyrolean traverse. I didn’t realize how cold it was until after I cut myself on the rocks edge (pinky)! Then when I went down there, I had to wait patiently for three people to enjoy their turn and then finally get going.
I let go suddenly, the sight was amazing, there was nothing below me, apart from the foam from the waves, on my right there was a cave, through which I saw some beautiful rocks. On my left there was just sea, only to be cut off by an island just in front of the horizon.
When I went to the other side, I had to turn around and pull myself back to the side where I started, I thought it was over, but unlike all other people, I got to go again! I was soooo lucky! I could experience it’s beauty once more, but i guess I couldn’t take it any more, being there without any ground, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to breath, with the rope strangling me, but I still wish it could last longer.
That night we also had smores next to the burning campfire that made my eyes water, only we had to run away from it, into our tents before we drenched by the rain!


Another morning of waking up to the guys shouting and laughing random stuff from their tent! After morning exercises we went to the Tung Lung Fort (the remains of it, which is covered, and was nice and warm, in the sudden, unexpected cold weather), where we continued our game of mafia. During this round, I was put into jail, by Jula and Eilidh. After I was arrested, the two police got out too.
Then after breakfast, we had a stimulation survival challenge game, where we had to put the 12 things in order of what is most important for our survival in -20 temperature in the northern part of canada, where the nearest town is 20 miles away.
After that, our three teams were split in half, for the Amazing Adventure Race. We ran down to the other side of our map, and finished our first activity, according to Adam, the fastest he’s seen without any help. After many more fun activities like walking on step-stones, tangrams, nose-to-ear, big beach ball turn, we went back to the “headquarters”.
Both teams of HKKK crossed the finish line first and on the boat, they were announced the official winners!
It was a fun day so far, but it wasn’t over yet!
After the 45-minute boatride with amazing view of Kowloon, and a quick 10 minute proper shower (after 2 days, i felt so clean!), we left in our advisory groups to go and eat. Mrs. Fisher’s advisory ate at KFC, on our way there and back (which was walking), we saw many places where we would like to shop, because the displays, so cool, and they look so nice.
After getting back to our hotel rooms, Jula and I stayed up until midnight watching tv, talking and enjoying beds, which we’ve missed for some time, and most importantly toilets.

5TH and FINAL day in HONG KONG
We all got a wake up call at 6:15 in the morning so that we could take showers and take all of our things downstairs. After eating breakfast, we met our tour guide and started our tour. Our first stop was at a Taoist temple, which we went into and walked through for about 15 minutes, then we went to a mountain, which we took a tram to climb up, there was a wax figure which we all thought was real, of a really famous rich guy, who owns almost everything. Then on our way back down, we were allowed to stop at a mall and buy things, I bought food, the type not found in Bangladesh!
After that, we made our way back to the bus, and went to a fishing village, where we took a boat through. On our way to a small shopping area, a few blocks from our final destination (the mall) we saw the famous repulse bay and the ocean-park which is currently under construction, going through phase 1. We had lunch there (McDonalds after sooo many days) and got to shop a little more, but I doubt anyone did because they were too busy munching up a big meal and going around window shopping.
fishing village 4
After that, we finally went to a huge mall, where we spent 2 hours shopping and half an hour eating dinner. From there, we took a bus back to YMCA International House, took all our baggage and head out for the airport.
After a long, loud journey, we finally checked in, and half an hour before our gate opened, we got to go duty-freeing, where Pailin, Eilidh, Jula and I spent all our money of ice-cream, biscuits, and magazines to read on the plane.
When i landed in Dhaka according to my mom, I looked like I had no idea where I was going, what I was doing, as if I was hypnotized, paralyzed and just wanted to go home. But, truly, I had tons of fun during this wonderful Hong Kong adventure.


at last it’s done…time to do homework 😀
sry it took sooo long! miss u all……..


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