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Florida: Spring Break 2011

copied from my email to Dadu on 12th March 2011, pictures added on later

We had a lot of fun in Florida, we saw “Harry Potter World,” a new attraction in Universal Studios.
Father & the sisters were the worst people to go to a theme park with. None of them would go on any of the rides. The youngest was too short for some of them, the middle one baiter dim (scardy cat), and father kept making up excuses that he had to stay with the little one, or that he had just had milk so he would throw up everywhere…so I stood in line by myself, and went on almost everything…
I remember when we went to Disney World with you, the lines were a big pain in the butt because they were so long, do you remember the fast pass lane? By staying in a Universal Studios Resort, our room key cards became our fast passes, so we just showed the people in line that, and then we went through the fast pass lane. It was great, because we did everything in half the amount of time, and got to do a lot of things twice!

On the last day, I finally got the middle one to understand the thrill of rollercoasters, and we went on one three times, and I’m very proud of her for it.
It seems like they might have a possibility of luring me to theme parks with them after all, and also, by then, the little one will be taller, so I’ll be able to force her to come with me 😛
They are planning on maybe going to Florida again at that time of the year because the weather was so amazing; it was not too hot, and the tourist crowd hadn’t made it yet; there were people, but it wasn’t jam packed, it was just right.


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