Boston: OSC Pre-IB Summer 2011

Email to Dadu-Dida 9th July 2011, pictures added on
I haven’t written in a very very long time but for the past week I’ve had to write to Baba and Ma as well – the long detailed emails that I usually only send to you! I’ve been in Boston for the past week – I’m going to be here for another week. I’m staying at a Harvard dorm and taking classes at MIT.
It’s a pre-IB course and also a good way for me to get used to dorm life; because I’ve learnt a lot in the past week about how to be most efficient when carrying things to the bathroom and all that. There are kitchens on every floor and in order to save money we have brought home a lot of different types of frozen things and we’ve been making those for dinner (and also we’re too lazy to go out again at night – especially after all the classes and walking). Also we’ve been given debit cards from MIT (which only work at the MIT stores) which have 100 dollars per week in it (which is more than enough money for food), except at the end of the week any outstanding balance does not continue onto the next week – you have to spend it; which is why we spent all our outstanding money buying stuff that we could use at home). There is a grocery store at MIT where we can use this card, so we can use it virtually on anything. Shampoo, medicines, food, raw foods as well as sandwiches, bagels; there’s a Dunkin Donuts where we can pay with it, there’s an Indian Restaurant too, and a Subway and a regular cafeteria.  (this is what I have discovered SO FAR – sure there are more) MIT is HUGE!!! Just to walk from where we eat breakfast (on campus) and where our classes are (all indoor) takes 10-15 minutes…The first day was quite intense, we came back to the dorm and no one wanted to leave – we sat/lay (on the floor) in front of the TV in one of the lounges and watched 11 episodes of a TV show.
I will be taking English and Math every day – already taken it for one week; 2 weeks left. I had Chemistry last week, TOK (theory of knowledge – one of the main components of the IB Diploma) next week, and Economics during the last week. I’ve been having a lot of fun as well as learning a lot – it’s even greater than I thought it would be.
Monday was 4th of July so we went and saw the fireworks and we got back in our dorms past midnight. The streets were PACKED! the metro was packed so packed that we decided to walk all the way back – it was certainly an experience!!
On Tuesday we went to a famous downtown Boston place called Quincy Market – lots of shops..
It’s been fun – made a lot of friends. On Thursday they went to a Red Sox Game (Baseball) instead of going, me (and a couple other girls) spent what we would’ve spent for the tickets on shopping for clothes!! 😀 On Thursday there was also a college fair so I went around the colleges; asked questions, picked up brochures – going to look through them soon.
Yesterday was Friday night, so we were all exhausted from our entire week – we also get more than 2 hours of hw per night, and they were showing Harry Potter 7 (part 1) in the lounge, so we went and watched that. I already have tickets for Harry Potter 7 (part 2) which is coming out on the 15th!! I’m sooo excited. We’re watching it on the 17th though because we’ll be too tired 15th, 16th a lot of ppl are going on a trip to Whale Watching; so starting Monday we will watch all of the Harry Potter movies – one per day! 🙂 (one every night) in the morning, we’re going for a at least 30 minute run. We’ve been very bad this week about working out – just been eating and getting to know MIT – but in our defense; MIT is so ginormous there’s no need to do any extra exercise.
Oh, they take us to MIT from Harvard on a bus every morning, in the afternoon; because everyone’s classes end at different times/they have different activities, we come home ourselves using bus/metro. And we’re absolutely free until Sign-in which is through 9 to 10:30. And they arrange events and things to do for us as well so we don’t have to go out into the city and figure things out for ourselves. 😀

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