Milan, Summer 2014

The first thing we did after parking the car was look for Eataly. We knew Eataly from its New York branch, which felt like an indoor Italian town with its market stalls and restaurant and cafés.

This one in Milan was newly built. The indoor “open air” vegetable market stalls were downstairs as you entered, with little café bars and restaurants scattered along the edges. There was also a book section which held any type of book that would have anything to do with cooking, drinking, eating, restaurants, Italian food, World food. 10363629_10153217920473712_2872853058727601560_n.jpg

On the first floor, half of it was cheese, the other half was meat.

The second floor, half of it was pastas, the other half was wines.

It was a bit like food heaven.

We were only in Milan for one night because the youngest and my mum were flying off the next morning from the airport. So we had really stopped in the city on the way to the airport hotel.

I had been in charge of the research this time, for what to do in Milan, but we had spent so much time in Eataly…I want to say about 3 hours, that we had to leave exactly when we did to make it to the one site we did go to: Duomo di Milano.
It was amazing to be able to climb up onto the roof of a cathedral terraces and look down into the square. And sit on the terraces and just relax in the summer breeze.

After sufficient relaxation, we got hungry, and that’s how we discovered the Rinascente, so our Duomo experience wasn’t over yet. The top floor has the cafés and restaurants in this mall, and we found a seat right next to the windows.


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