Cream Cheese Frosting

450g cream cheese, softened
125g butter, softened
250g sieved icing sugar
(1 tsp vanilla extract is in the original recipe but I’ve never used it)
based on:

Update and tips from the future (20th April 2016): the recipe above tends to be a bit sweet for me, and too much – for my standard two layered cake I use the following approximations (and tend to leave out the butter): 

  1. One tub of cream cheese, softened (280g tub – the bigger one)
  2. And about half a cup of icing sugar (after half a cup has gone in I taste it to see if I need more)
  3. Just whisk it all together using a hand whisk

I usually make this while the cake is in the oven and put it back in the tub and into the fridge so that it cools a bit before it goes onto the cake, and so that all the other big equipment needed can be clean by the time the cake comes out. 


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