Whitby, Summer 2015

The first time I went to Whitby was 25th January 2014. January is a good time to go for one reason: during the off peak seasons there is free parking (or there was in 2014).

My younger sister spent some of summer 2015 with me, and near the end of her stay, one of her friends and my dad came to visit for the weekend, so we decided to go to Whitby.

We have a YHA Household membership so my dad’s always looking for a reason to stay in a YHA, and as luck would have it, the YHA Whitby is something special.

It’s also known as YHA Whitby Abbey House. It’s a Grade 1 listed mansion right behind Whitby Abbey! There are a few different ways of getting up to the hill that has the hostel and the abbey, with the most wonderful views.


We could even see the Abbey from our bedroom window.


On our drive there we listened to a Dracula audiobook. It was exactly as long as our roundtrip, we listened to it non stop on the way there and on the way back and the narration ended exactly 8 minutes before we got back home.

On our way down from the abbey we climbed down the 199 steps from the church.


We walked around for a bit and then tried to locate The Dracula bench on West Cliff.

We ate dinner at Humble Pie & Mash. One of the routes to the abbey is right across from there which I took to go back while the sun was setting

(I lost some pictures, including ones of Dracula’s bench and the sunset over Whitby, because I updated my phone without backing up my photos 😦 )


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