Skicolor, Les Gets, 2016

Even though my parents live on a mountain, and I have lived in places where traditionally people ski a lot, I haven’t skied very many times. I can ski, but I ski so little that my mum after this holiday had to comment, “oh so you can actually ski!”

My friends from uni came over to France to snowboard. One of them learnt last year from her friend, and the other learnt the week before coming in one of the indoor skiing places in England.

I read the Easyjet magazine like my life depends on it, and I also take pictures of all of the suggestions which I feel like would be relevant to anyone I know…and thank goodness I do, because we were flying on 11th March, and…IMG_0393.JPG

I knew that Les Gets must have been quite close to were we live because I’d seen signs for it on the road. I should mention at this point that 2015 was the first year that my mum and I had our first full independence with the car. Father was away during this week of skiing, and so driving was another adventure.

I just mentioned it in passing during dinner, and before I knew it we had booked tickets and had planned out the next day so that mum would drop us off in the morning, go to Geneva with my sister afterwards and then come back in the evening to pick us up! (Many adventures!)

The SkiColor was aimed at people who were level 3 and above, which means comfortable at all levels of snow, but it did state that kids would be fine; and Mont Chery, we found out afterwards, had runs which were all reds and blacks! But it was sooo beautiful.


When we got up to the mountains. My friend realised she forgot how to clip her shoes onto the snowboard because she realised her friend who taught her had been doing it for her. We had to speak French and get some help. And we made lots of friends who helped us through. It was a huge learning curve. But it was soo much fun!



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