Swim – April 15

I have Cholinergic Urticaria. It was diagnosed in November 2015 and I have exercised very little since then. Since starting university I have slowly been gaining weight, but my exercise has been pretty regular, so since the CU happened…I’ve gotten a bit big. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m understanding my body and how it functions under antihistamines and after reactions occur, so I want to start taking advantage of it and working out.

For the next 2 months, I’m going to focus on doing exercise every other day. I’m going to stick to the 30 days challenges (abs, squats, push ups and toned arms), and also swim on these days. 30 day challenges haven’t worked for me int he past because I tried to actually do them in 30 consecutive days, and I would always get really tired on Day 7 and fail to continue onwards. I have gotten to Day 6 consecutively may times…so I’m going to see how doing it every other day works. From June 30th, I’m going to switch to doing a C25K along with the 30 day challenge.

I’m using the Shane Cliford 30 day Fitness Challenges, SpeedoFit (which has a bathtub to 500m guide) and the Zen Lab’s C25K.

– 15 sit ups
– 5 crunches
– 5 leg raises
– 25 secs planks
– 30 regular squats
– 3 traditional push ups
– 10 arm circles
– 10 wall push ups
– 10 floor tricep dips
– swim: 200m with 2 rests: 3.3.2

Swimming didn’t work out with CU. Reaaally bad reaction and had to take inhaler as well. From what I have noticed before, if I’m having a reaction and I take a shower, it gets worst. So I think if I’m swimming, since I’m in water, the sweat or whatever happens…gets worst because of that…swimming is out, even though I had originally thought since I’d be in the water I’d be cooled quicker/won’t be sweating as much…I’m deleting SpeedoFit and moving onto C25K now. It’s a shame, I truly like swimming…and I think the SpeedoFit App goes were really good…When I get a better antihistamine or if it goes away soon, I can’t wait to try the Bathtub-500m again. 


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