April 17 – C25k Day 1

– run wk1/day1: 30 min (5 mins warm up and cool down – alternate between 60 secs jogging and 90 secs walking in between; 3.63 km)
Abs: 20 sit ups, 8 crunches, 7 leg raises, 12 secs planks
– Squats: 25 regular squats
Arms: 4 traditional push ups, 11 box push ups, 11 opposite arm & leg raises, 11 floor tricep dips

This went beautifully. It was a beautiful day, my ankles feel fine, I actually can’t wait to go again day after tomorrow! This is the first time I have ran since I was about 12 years old…I sprained my ankle playing soccer (probably), and haven’t been able to run since because running would make my ankle swell up…I have had physiotherapy for it, so I know how to stretch it out to make it not swell up…so I’ve just followed through with all of that and stretched it out properly before and after the run.


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