April 20 – Stretch

– Stretch @ YSV (Lengthen the body, strengthen the core, increase your range of movement and decrease your risk of injury) with Isla

Before: This is the first class I’m going to by myself; I’ve been to Yoga with my mum and sister before, in Bangladesh. I need the stretch, so I think this will be good, hoping I learn some things! I’m always a bit apprehensive that there’ll be too many things I won’t be able to do, but I guess that’s what modifications are for…and I don’t look the fittest right now, and like in Yoga in Bangladesh with my mum, I definitely won’t be one of the youngest…so there shouldn’t be too much pressure!

After: Amazing. Favourite class ever. Stretched out everything from head to toe, in that order. It was very similar to the Yoga that we did in Bangladesh, really relaxing and my joints feel more mobile, which I really needed. No reaction induced. Really looking forward to doing it again!! 😀

I had to use a traditional, metal, D-ring cinch for a little bit of this, it had a reebok label on it, so must be available in sports stores – looked like a belt made out of rope for some parts, for future this is what I’d have to do:

Start off lying on the floor on your back and breath deeply in and out. When you breathe out, lay your head down so you’re looking right, breathe in, breathe out, at the out move it back to the centre. Repeat on other side. Do it about 5 times.

Lift arms so that they’re 90 degrees to your body with your fingers reaching for the sky. Then move them up above your head (on the floor). Then bring them down along the floor so that your arms are touching the side of your chest. Lift them up off the floor on top of your chest. Move arms back to the top of head, repeat.

Now do it the other way around. Start on top of chest, move arms to sides and then push arms up to above head.

Still lying on the floor, bring your feet up so that knees are close to chest. Move them around in circles using hands to stabilise. Do circles in other direction.


Keep knees close to chest, rock body back and forth so that you eventually get to sitting position. Touch right toes with right hand, bring left arm around body, above head and on top of left hand, stretch it out. Repeat on other side.

Lie back down and bring legs back to chest. Keep right leg close to chest using right arm to stabilise. Straighten left leg so it is touching ground. Straighten out right leg so that you feel stretch on the back of the leg. To make the stretch more intense bring toes toward calf. Bend right knee so that it creates 90 degree angle, stabilising with your left arm, bring it down on top of left leg. Straighten out right arm away from side of body. Feel the stretch all along the right side of your body. Straighten up. Repeat with left leg.


Similar thing with band: put band around right foot under the bottom of toes using both hands to hold lift leg up – modify by bending left leg up if necessary. Put leg up straight. Stretch for a bit. Try and bring it closer to the body, closer to 90 degrees away from abdominal area. Now hold both sides of the band with left hand, use right hand to stabilise hip so it doesn’t twist. Bring right leg over left leg. Play out the stretch. Stretch it a bit more. Lift leg back up to over the body. Hold both sides of band with right hand. Using the band to keep right leg at the same distance away from body, move it to the right side. Use left hand to stabilise hip if needed. Stretch it out good. Stretch it out a bit more. Lift up above body again. Bring it down. Repeat on left leg.

Lie flat on your stomach now. Reach arms out in front of you. Feel the stretch from top of head to tip of toes.

Walk hands towards you, lift torso up and go into upward facing dog or Sphinx, feeling the stretch especially in the neck.


Bend knees and go into child’s pose.


Get on knees and straighten back. Lift right leg and take a step forward. If knee is further over than toes, take bigger step. Hold arms over led to stretch. (Low lunge) Do on other side.

Get into downward dog, and walk your feet to stretch out calves. Stay in downward dog for a bit.


Slowly stand up 🙂

All pics from Click the pic to link to the guide.


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