Mushroom risotto

image.jpegI’ve been making this recipe for so long now, that I don’t know where I got the inspirations – who online to give credit to. 

This is vegan because I usually have no parmesan/hard cheese in the house, but I almost always have stock cubes, arborio, dried mushrooms, and mushrooms…which are basically the only ingredients for this, and it turns out great and creamy even without the parmesan. I breathe cheese when I can, so the fact that I can say you don’t need the parmesan means that you don’t need it…It still turns out creamy and yummy…Save your cheese quota for the creamy camembert waiting in your fridge instead of the parmesan you would’ve added into the risotto. 

This serves 2-3 people
It takes about 20 mins to make

– 10ish white button mushrooms (or chestnut mushrooms)
– dried mixed mushrooms
– veggie stock cubes
– boiled water
– arborio rice
– extra virgin olive oil
– sieve
optionals: I’ve also put in chicory, leeks, and celery in the past that were about to die in the fridge and it didn’t affect the taste or go to waste! most people would also put onion and garlic. you can also put in some white wine, if you’re going to drink it with white wine – if you do this, miss out the same amount of stock and save it to put into something else


  1. Boil the water, cut the mushrooms
  2. In one cup of boiling water, dissolve a stock cube
  3. Take a couple of tablespoons of the stock and put into an empty cup, put in the dried mushrooms you will use (about half a cup) and then cover with boiling water  – stir this around from time to time
  4. In a deepish frying pan, heat about 2 tbsp olive oil and quickly stir fry the non-dried mushrooms (and any thing else you’re planning on using), near the end, take the rehydrated mushrooms out (use a fork or tongs) and put them into the pan too
  5. Put the mushroom in a bowl and keep the liquid in the pan
  6. If you’re gonna use onions and garlic, this would be a good time to fry them a little bit
  7. Pour 1 cup of arborio rice into the pan, coat it with the mushroom liquid
  8. Using the sieve pour the liquid that rehydrated the dried mushrooms into the risotto pan (this is to make sure any of the dirt or crunchy particles don’t get into your risotto)
  9. Wait until a lot of it has been absorbed by the rice, then pour in half a cup of stock, or half a cup of white wine
  10. When that has been absorbed, add the mushrooms (and whatever other veggies or even chicken if that’s what you’ve decided to add) and the last half cup of stock
  11. Wait for it to all come together in the warm creamy gooey risotto
  12. Taste test: if the rice is still crunchy, add 1/8 to a quarter cup of stock or even just boiling water and wait for that to be absorbed


I couldn’t remember the word absorbed for a good 20 mins, so I kept writing “sucked in” to go back and edit it when I remembered. And even after remembering the word…I kept writing OBSERVED :/ 

update 25/4/16: I found out where the original recipe came from (I’ve been organising my pictures and I found this!):
27 feb 2015.jpg


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