April 21 – C25k Day 3

– run wk1/day3: 30 min (5 mins warm up and cool down – alternate between 60 secs jogging and 90 secs walking in between; 3.62 km)
– Squats: 30 regular squats
stretch: mini version of yesterday’s class

Today was the 3rd run, the end of the first week according to C25K, I feel very accomplished.

I basically left with the morning rush of people going to university and came back with people leaving from their first lecture. There were still at least 4 other people who I saw running as well – feel like I’m part of something.

My running speed seems to be constant, my turning around point/halfway point was the same place both days. I took a slightly different route the first day, so I’m not entirely sure about that one.

In case anyone’s curious, this is what Cholinergic Urticaria does to my entire body. If I don’t take antihistamine, it looks a lot worst – the red dots get all bumpy, looking more like mosquito bites have covered my entire body. With antihistamine it feels slightly like heat is coming out of the dots and is slightly tickly, without it, I feel like the only solution could be to peel it all off because it feels so itchy and hot…


Along with this I’ve also been getting a slight asthmatic reaction when I get a urticaria reaction. And all of this makes me really tired after working out or having any kind of reaction at all…which means walking to classes, or shops or cleaning the house…which is really demotivating. I have to take an antihistamine an hour before every time I plan on doing any kind of “work” and I have to build in at least an hour of rest afterwards to make it go back to normal.


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