April 29 – C25k Day 6

Newer-est route:

Untitled 23

It’s cold and windy and rainy and grey today. And I still went for a run. This is a huge achievement for me. It’s not like there weren’t other people running, I passed at least 5, but I have now level upped in the club!

– run wk2/day3: 31 min (5 mins warm up and cool down – alternate between 90 mins jogging and 2 mins walking; 3.36 km)

I discovered new places today that I didn’t even know existed! An entire field of trees with so many different windy paths and forks in the road. I’m really excited to go back there and try all the bits I didn’t get to.

Chol. Urt. update: I didn’t have as bad a reaction as usual today and didn’t need to use inhaler; not sure if it was because of how cold it was, or because I went to the pharmacy before coming home so I basically cooled down outside. But I shivered for quite a bit and fell asleep. 


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