May 6 – C25k Day 9

– run wk3/day3: 28 min (5 mins warm up and cool down; Two repetitions of the following: Jog for 90 secs; Walk for 90 secs; Jog for 3 mins; Walk for 3 mins; 3.06 km)


Chol. Urt. Update – we haven’t had one of these in a few days cuz everything’s been good.. But today was baaad, mosquito bite status and sooo itchy. I think my body realised it before I did because my run wasn’t as nice from the first 3 min rep, I was also going a lot slower, and I even sat down near the end to take a break.

There are a few possibilities of why this could have happened today after so many days of nothing else happening: 1) it was my third antihistamine of the day instead of the usual first, 2) I may have waited only 49 mins instead of the usual exactly 60 mins, 3) I might be stressed with too many other things like exams which is why the reaction might have been stronger


2 thoughts on “May 6 – C25k Day 9

    1. Oh no! Mosquito bites are the worst, it wasn’t real mosquito bites this time though – I have an allergy to my own sweat which looks and feels exactly like mosquito bites on every square cm of my body, it’s called cholinergic urticaria. Thank you 🙂

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