May 8 – C25k Day 10 & Pact

– repeat wk3/day3 run: 28 min (5 mins warm up and cool down; Two repetitions of the following: Jog for 90 secs; Walk for 90 secs; Jog for 3 mins; Walk for 3 mins; 3.25 km)
Abs: 20 sit ups, 20 crunches, 20 leg raises, 30 secs planks
– Squats: 10 regular squats
Arms: 15 wall push ups, 15 box push ups, 15 floor tricep dips, 7 opposite arm & leg raises

It’s been proven now, I’m a morning person. We always kinda knew but now I’m gonna call it experimentally proven. Today’s morning run was awesome, day before yesterday’s evening run was terrible, and every other run, all mornings were great too. And I ran for an entire 3 minute stretch today! So I’m gonna do one more repeat of a week 3 run before moving onto week 4. 


Since I’ve been doing this for 3 weeks now, and I’ve been sticking to it (Yayy), I decided to sign myself up for the Pact app.

Pact basically provides an extra (monetary) incentive for working out and eating well. You can sign up for three types of pacts – Gym, Veggie and Food Log. I’m only doing Gym and Veggie at the moment because it’s exam season and if I try to do Food Log, I know I’ll end up spending too much time on it.

For the Gym Pact, all I have to do is go to the gym, or run over 30 minutes, or do 10,000 steps in a day. I signed up for doing it 3 times within the week – which is exactly how many times I’d be running per week. I can change it every week, so if I realise that I’m going to the gym regularly on the days I’m not running, then I can get 30 minutes of gym time out of it.

The Veggie pact, I also signed up for 3 for this first week. I just needed to take a picture of a fruit or veggie that I’m about to eat or am eating, and upload it to pact. On the homepage of the Pact App, you have the option to verify whether a picture is a fruit/veggie or not, and that’s how I get my Pact point – if the community has verified it. It’s possible to sign up for 35 (5 a day).

Now the monetary bit, and the reason I held out until I knew I was doing this workout thing. If I miss making my pact by the end of the week, then I have to pay. You can decide how much it is that you’re going to pay, I’ve picked the minimum $5. So each day I have missed by the end of the week, I will pay $5 for. All of the money that people pay is pooled up and then divided amongst everyone who has completed their pact. So if I make mine, I get a monetary reward.

Today was the end of my first week, and I’m proud to say that I’ve met my pact!

Update Tuesday, May 10 – pact pays on the Tueday following the end of the week. I have earned 84 cents! From what I’ve read, the more activities you do, the more payout you get, dependent on how much money has been pooled from the people who didn’t complete their pact. This week I am doing 7 veggie pacts, and 4 gym pacts. image


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