Food in York: The Judge’s Lodging

The Judge’s Lodging is a 5 star inn, in a Grade I listed Georgian townhouse, about 10 minute walk from York Rail Station and 5 minute walk from York Minster. The food is fantastic and well priced, and it looks like a luxurious place to stay when visiting York as well.


I went with my mum for lunch before her train left York. It was a beautiful, sunny day so we could have sat outside, either in the back garden or in the front of the house, but a lot of people had that idea. It was lovely sitting inside in the cool shade, enjoying views of the top of the Minster, our food and a good chat 🙂


It’s called The Judges Lodging because it provided accommodation for judges visiting York to sit in the Assize Courts (criminal courts held for the most serious crimes in the country) which used to be held four times a year in York Castle.


It was originally built as the home of a prominent Physician, on land that used to belong to a Church, and previously was part of a Roman fortress.


I learnt from mother that Monkeys are the new Pineapples in terms of art/decor and social history (showing exoticism).

The front of the house is an official picture I took from TripAdvisor, the other ones were all taken by me. 


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