May 21 – C25k Day 15

– run wk4/day1: 31 min (brisk five-minute warmup walk, then: Jog for 3 mins; Walk 90 secs; Jog 5 mins; Walk 2.5 mins; Jog 3 mins; Walk 90 secs; Jog 5 mins; 5 minute cool down; 2.61 km)

My route today took me in front of my favourite building on campusimage2-2.JPG

In front of which is a sitting area in a minuscule flower field with a bench which is basically modelled after Dumbledore’s tombimage1-2.JPG

The post-run experiences today haven’t been great. A lot of skin itchiness, a lot of asthma/allergic reactions making it hard to swallow and breathe and see. I still have a sore throat and runny nose and eyes. I had two puffs of the inhaler which probably helped a little but my breath is still squeaky.

No idea why it’s been so bad today but the possible reasons: I left 1 hour 36 minutes after my antihistamine. I wasn’t wearing full body covered clothes because it was 18C and I thought I would be too hot, but it was actually quite chilly because it was really windy (16-22mph). And it started raining near the end.

So no stretches, and no ab/arm/squats… I’m resting in bed having hot tea, maybe I’ll do them later on today and then update this with what I ended up doing.

The run itself wasn’t amazing either, but it wasn’t terrible. The 3 minute sections I had to break into 2 minutes, 20 sec walk, 40 sec run; the first 5 minute run section became half run half walk. As I was walking back at the end, during the cool down I was trying to decide whether it would be best to go back to Week 2, when I was last comfortable with what was going on with the run and work my way back up to Week 4 again. Or should I keep doing Week 4 Day 1 until I become more comfortable with it before moving on? I still haven’t really decided…If anyone has any input please let me know…otherwise we’ll just see what I do on Monday!


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