Healthier Veg Carbonara

Carbonara is a creamy pasta dish which is usually made with eggs, cheese, bacon and black pepper. My vegetarian version of it (which can easily be made vegan by using vegan cottage cheese or silken tofu) uses sun dried tomato, cottage cheese, ricotta, and black pepper. It’s healthier because cottage cheese is high in protein but low in calories.

I try to not use hard cheeses like cheddar in cooking, mainly because of the way it acts when you’re trying to wash dishes…I don’t like the idea of that happening in my stomach; even though I know that bile will take care of emulsifying it… The nice thing about soft cheeses is that they’re easily made vegan using silken tofu and different nuts – I haven’t done that yet, but I know I’ll be able to with this recipe.

This is one of my go-to meals because it’s quick, easy and they’re usually things I have on hand.

Ingredients: cottage & ricotta cheese, sun-dried tomato and black pepper.

image2 (1)

Just put all the ingredients in a pot of cooked linguine (or your choice of long/fresh pasta) and stir it all together.

image3 (1)

You could add a little bit of olive oil, mixed dried Italian herbs, and salt – but you don’t need to since the sun-dried tomatoes themselves add so much flavour and enough salt into the dish.


Buon appetito 🙂


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