May 31 – C25k Day 18

– run wk2/day2: 31 min (5 mins warm up and cool down – alternate between 90 mins jogging and 2 mins walking; 3.32 km)
Abs: 10 sit ups, 10 crunches, 8 leg raises
– Squats: 10 regular squats
– Arms: 10 opposite arm & leg raises, 10 arm circles, 10 floor tricep dips, 10 wall push ups, 8 box push ups

My smoothie today was my mango-spinach-strawberry using Alpro’s coconut almond milk, and no banana cuz I didn’t check if we had any yesterday. The coconut almond blend gives a coconutty hint without being overpowering, I like it. I had two antihistamines today – I forgot to take them together, so I took them about 15 minutes apart. I left the house an hour after taking the second one.

And I’m feeling good. This was the first time in quite a few days that I managed to do the extracises and the stretch. That second antihistamine was really helpful. I was still wheezy when I came in, but not as much as I was last time – so two puffs of inhaler later I felt a lot better and could do the things I had planned to do. I dialled it down to about 10 each just because it’s been a while, I think I could’ve done a bit more, but I’ll save that for next time 🙂 My skin reaction is also a lot fainter than the picture I took last time (I’m sitting comfortably now so don’t feel like taking a picture), which makes me happy since it’s also less painful/itchy.

And I went 0.21 km more than last time! I think I’m going to stick to week 2 for a couple of weeks, get my distance (speed) up a bit, and then move on to week 3. My halfway point was here:
The furthest I’ve ever come on this route.


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