Bangkok, Summer 2016

I counted and I think this is my 10th time visiting Bangkok (including the times that my parents were living here). There are still so many new cafés and malls and interesting places that crop up each time I come. Here are some new things I tried out this time (and some new things that have opened up since my last visit) that I would suggest to any visitor to Bangkok.

1. 2B Café at TCDC

IMG_2316.JPGBake and Brew Café at Thailand Creative & Design Centre. Emporium shopping mall on the same floor as the movie theatre -half of the floor is the theatre and the other half is TCDC’s design award winning products’ shops, exhibitions, a library and this café with a music performance space and larger (dance) performance spaces at the back of the library. With free (and strong) wifi 🙂

2. Coffee Beans by Dao

EMQUARTIER_0087.jpgThis is a chain restaurant with places all over the city. This time we went to the one in Em Quartier (right opposite Emporium Shopping Mall). The first (and last) time I went to this (another branch) was 8 years ago, the first time we came to Bangkok. Each of the branches differ slightly in their decor. EMQUARTIER_0026.jpgIt has definitely become a lot bigger, their menu has expanded, their decoration has evolved. I love their menu because they have a vegetarian section 😀 We didn’t have dessert on this visit, but their separate cake menu and displayed selection look amazing.

3. Audrey’s Café des Fleurs

They sell the cutest little cakes as well as a good mix of fusion Thai and other cuisine in a beautifully decorated French Provincial atmosphere, underneath the flowers!

4. EmQuartier (Helix Quartier)

The link above (Bangkok magazine) provided a better picture than I could even dream to take, so I’ve used that 😀 This is genius use of architecture – using the idea of Guggenheim’s circular rotunda with a tilted floor. I’ve always said that since malls in hot and humid Thailand are like their park or playground, a lot of time, money and effort is spent on making them as beautiful and innovative as possible. So because of this “helix” structure, a whole lot of famous restaurants are spaced out over three floors, but you don’t actually have to take any stairs, you can go “uphill” or “downhill” at a leisurely pace and see all three floors….

Under the food floors is a “Water Garden with City Views” which has beautiful seating places, views, a performance space, and a rooftop adventure experience for children:
IMG_2450.JPGIMG_2491.JPGIMG_2462.JPGIt looks like it’d also be beautiful in the dark under the starry ceiling.

5. Holey Artisan Bakery, Bangkok* (TripAdvisor)

slide1_1.jpg245/12 Sukhumvit Soi 31Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Super-proud of Bangladesh moment. This is the second Holey Bakery, the original one is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We had a Danish, and literally it was the best Danish I’ve ever had. This bakery is one that my family has been going to in Dhaka since it opened. And I’m so proud that a Bangladeshi establishment is making it in Thailand! Usually it’s the other way around. Please go here and support this business, and I’m sure you’ll love it!


*Unfortunately its popularity in Dhaka made it a target for a terrorist attack last night. This is so totally unbelievable, sad and scary to me. A few of my school mates didn’t make it out. We went this morning to the one in Bangkok to show our support. I hope that this one flourishes and many people go here and the sad association that it has right now slowly goes away. This place doesn’t deserve this, no one deserves what has happened. There isn’t anything we can do to be totally safe from these attacks, I myself almost got caught in the Istanbul Airport one a couple of days ago, and all of the ones that have happened so far I’ve always known someone in the city or even in the vicinity. 

Edited 3 July 2016 to add Audrey’s Café de Fleur + the Em Quartier Water Garden

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