Handy, Summer 2016

My (UK) service provider is 3, and it’s pretty great because I get feel-at-home service (don’t pay an extra pence to use data or call back to the UK) when I’m visiting my parents in Switzerland and France. Portugal and Turkey however are not covered under these feel-at-home countries. In Portugal I paid the £5 for one day of unlimited service (O2 does £1.99 a day I believe, but that would cost me too much when I’m at home) so that I could use Google Maps and Uber. In Turkey it would cost me £3 per Mb! And there was no choice for having an unlimited fee like in Portugal. I could’ve gone old school and used maps and written down directions for where we were going or…

Use Handy!


This was provided in each room in our hotel.  And it’s literally the best idea in the world.

The room itself comes with a phone that lets you call local numbers and have unlimited data for free. And because Handy is its own special app, it was linked directly to the hotel – it had the hotel’s address so that you could show it to any taxi driver or any place where you might need your address, and special places to go in Istanbul – like a portable guidebook.

I think this is such a great idea, especially in cities where people come for short breaks so it wouldn’t make sense for them to buy themselves a local SIM card. And there’s the safety, peace of mind aspect of it too.


This wasn’t mentioned in any of the reviews or details of the hotel that I saw, so I’m not sure how to look if the hotel you’re booking has one. But it’s also a great idea if you’re an Airbnb host – to have a prepaid phone in the room just for them.

Another writeup about Handy.


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