Kolkata Authentic Eats, Summer 2016

We didn’t spend too much time in Kolkata this summer, but we went to two places to eat which I definitely recommend:

Canteen @ Byloom

I love Byloom’s sarees and ready-made blouses, they also have tons of other gift items and clothes on the bottom floor. I never knew, until this time, that they had such an amazing place to eat. Their food is so authentic, even my father was thoroughly impressed (both these places passed his pure-Bengali test of authenticity).
It’s situated in this beautiful house, and the café space is utilised maximally.


Pronounced Q-P’s, also in an authentic house which still has its original red floors.IMG_3061
The food is served on clay plates and in clay bowls.
IMG_7821.JPGThe food is amazing, with a large range of Bengali foods. Because each thala came with at least one vegetarian dish (mine came with three) we ended up being able to taste all of the different ones they had, and each and every one of them was amazing.
IMG_7822.JPGThe meal is finished off with the traditional mishti doi (sweet yoghurt) and paan.
IMG_7826.JPGThe entire experience, with the servers, they way they speak and the way they behave is apparently very traditional Kolkata as well.



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