Tea Rooms & Cafés in York

Gatehouse Coffee – on the Wall (Bar)


On your walk around the York Walls, stop for (an amazing and very very reasonably priced cup of) coffee and a bite to eat at the Gatehouse Coffee. It’s an inviting and cosy little place, with a roof terrace and open mic nights.

The Flax & TwineThe Shambles

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.45.23

When you’re in York, I’m betting that you’ll be walking through The Shambles at one point, because it is one of the most famous streets in England. I would highly recommend stopping at The Flax & Twine, to look at their antiques, or for the café. The staff are lovely as well, I’ve had a great experience every time I have gone. My friend also celebrated an Alice in Wonderland Tea-birthday-Party here.

Perky Peacock Coffee House – Lendal Bridge


Another place to stop by during your Wall-Walk. This place was built as a toll tower on the bridge. And now you get to sit inside the rounded walls built with ancient stone. It’s kind of hidden on one side of the bridge, so it might be hard to find if you’re not looking for it. But it’s definitely worth it. The coffee is great, so most of the trade seems to be takeaway, so there usually is a free seat in this tiny coffee shop.


Costa – Train view


So I’m guessing you’ve heard of or probably been to a Costa Coffee. The coffee or the snacks available aren’t a York-only special. But the perch above the rail lines is the greatest people-watching and time-killing view you could ask for.

There are lots of Cafés and Tea Rooms around York, some them a lot more famous, but these are some that I think are special. 


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