Cottage Cheese Guacamole as part of a spread

This was a hit. I made it as one of my dips for a little birthday get-together at my place. It made quite a lot, so it lasted all the way from 8pm to 1am, but it didn’t turn brown at all! I love guacamole, and most people do too, so this was the perfect solution for the usual problem of browning. I’ve heard other solutions too, but this was a first try and first hit.

This was also the first thing I made in my food processor (which I also got myself for my birthday).

I don’t have a proper picture of it, but here’s a picture of the spread that night. The Cottage Cheese Guacamole is in the gravy boat at the bottom left hand corner of the picture.


I know, I know, very hazy picture. But this spread was a hit. There was cheese – a mixed herb Boursin, and a Comté, and a little bit later I brought out a baked camembert with fig chutney, two types of (store-bought) hummus – a caramelised onion and a red pepper, this guacamole, lots of tortilla chips, assorted cheese crackers (Tesco has a really good and really nicely priced cheese cracker spread), hot baguettes from the oven, cake, fruits, drinks constantly being topped up by arriving guests (sloe gin, lots of tonic water, a few bottles of prosecco; my friends brought more sloe gin, piña colada stuff, more wines), mixed sweet biscuits brought by my cousin, popcorn brought by a friend. A bit of a random spread, but it worked out perfectly and kept people happy from 8pm to 4am!

I’ve now got myself a Moosewood Monday cookbook (for less than £3) as a(nother) birthday present to myself. It’s part of this (heavily bookmarked) cookbook collection:


There’s a recipe in there called “Mockamole” which is very similar to this recipe but using a block of silken tofu instead of cottage cheese. It’s described as a lower-fat, higher-protein version of guacamole, just like this one.

23rd February update: I made this again and took close up pics

At 5:45pm


And 10:30pm



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