Baked Camembert with Fig Jam/Chutney

I love cheese. I love melted cheese. I never tried baked Camembert until 2017.

I was always wary of it for some reason/found it a bit weird. But now in retrospect, I find it silly because one of my favourite guilty snacks – mini oven baked buns with Camembert and freshly stir fried asparagus, where the Camembert basically melts from the heat of the bun and the asparagus.

I had this for the first time this year at an aunt’s place and fell in love, and knew I needed to recreate it for my birthday.

There are too many tips and variations and recipes online. Some people poke holes in the cheese, some people scrape off the entire top layer. Some people cover the cheese with foil, some don’t. Then there are variations of how long you keep it in the oven. And variations of what you use as the topping.

My aunt had kept it simple and so I followed that because it really didn’t need anything more.


I scraped off the top layer (and got to eat the scraps) of an unpasteurised Camembert. I read in one of the many baked Camembert guides that it needs to be unpasteurised to work, not sure if it’s true, but I didn’t want to risk it.


When I made it in January, I used a Tesco finest Camembert, with the fig chutney on the bottom left in the above picture because that’s what was available in Tesco and I had done an online shop. This month I used a Camembert from Waitrose which didn’t clearly say unpasteurised but it didn’t say pasteurised either. And I bought the Italian fig jam on the top left as there wasn’t enough of the old chutney to cover the Camembert. It was great with both.


Then I covered it (with foil in Jan and baking parchment in Feb cuz I ran out of foil 😳) and put it in 180•C oven for 30 mins, then uncovered it and kept it in there for 10 mins. I did the cake test where I stuck something in the middle and made sure it was gooey and soft…so the opposite of the cake test really.

Served with crackers and oven baked baguettes



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