Chilli (part of a three course meal)

The Spread


The gap in the bottom right hand corner was soon filled by baked camembert with fig jam and the hot baguette

(The appetiser – Course #1)


(The main – Course #2)


Chilli recipe from A Girl Called Jack – Mumma Jack’s Best Ever Chilli – I followed the recipe completely but didn’t have dark chocolate so put a teaspoon of the chocolate powder I use in my Eggless Chocolate Cake

Served with sour cream, Moosewood Monday’s Cottage Cheese Mockamole, shredded mature cheddar, white rice and a bulgar wheat and quinoa mix.

Aand the reason for this get together was so that my ex flat mates and ex roommate, and hence the people with the most experience apart from myself of trying my different cake recipes, were over to try my latest attempt:

(The star of the show, The dessert – Course #3)



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