Goodbye Geneva, April 2017

My parents are moving to New York at the end of this school year. So I’m sitting in Geneva now, during my last trip while they’re still living here, looking at the tips and route for Geneva I posted last year. I had a lot of friends visit me in the past month so I’ve added a couple of new photos to the post.

This has been the third time since I was born that my father’s been posted to Geneva, and I definitely enjoyed it most this time (even though I was technically living in England the entire time). We got to explore the “older” part of town since my sisters’ school was on that side (before this we were fixated on the “UN” side), and the Grand Massif area, just across the border, in France. My mum and I also finally took up driving which has added to our enjoyment this time – letting us come to the Grand Massif area almost every weekend and have (more) day trips to the beautiful places like Chamonix and Annecy.

Geneva: Tips and Route, March 2016Geneva: March 2016


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